Seminar: Myofunctional Orthodontics (Richmond BC)

Looking for an alternative to traditional orthodontics?

Myobrace Myofunctional Appliances is the answer you’re looking for.

On October 14th – 16th, 2016 in Richmond BC;
come to learn about and understand the Myobrace System.

  • Information regarding the basics of  myofunctional orthodontics
  • More advanced case management and troubleshooting
  • Treating TMJ disorder
  • Correcting posture and upper airway for better health and natural development.

SPACE IS LIMITED; please register early to ensure your attendance.
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River Rock Casino Resort
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– Standard Room: $159.00/night
– 1 bedroom Suite: $189.00/night

Course Agenda:

• MRC – 25 years of education and appliance development.
• The limitations of traditional orthodontics.
• Soft tissue dysfunction – diagnose the underlying causes of malocclusion.
• Myofunctional orthodontics – the way forward.
• Myofunctional orthodontic appliances – an introduction to MRC’s appliances.
• How to make it work – patient education brings a new dimension to your treatment and practice.
• Improving profitability – MRC runs its own clinics on a for-profit basis.
• Review of the basics – myofunctional orthodontics.
• Myofunctional diagnosis – treat more effectively.
• MRC’s myofunctional appliances – advanced appliance insight.
• Additional appliances – The Farrell Bent Wire System™, Biobloc and MyoLay™.
• Hands-on training – using clinical and educational tools.
• Better patient motivation – how to motivate the patient to be your best treatment modality.
• Implementing myofunctional orthodontics – putting it together for a win / win situation in your practice.

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