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Are you ready to make some positive changes in your dental business?

UniNature Dental Enterprise is dedicated exclusively to serve the Dental Industry and our mission is to provide high quality service, value and effective dental prosthetic choices to our customers. UniNature is a full service technologically advanced dental laboratory that was founded to assist the dental profession in providing high quality dental restorations to meet customer needs. Think of UniNature as providing “Customer Specific Solutions” to meet “Customer Specific Needs”. UniNature keeps up-to-date with the latest technology and offerings so we can meet your every need from high end implant work to everyday procedures.

Our high technical facility is located in Richmond B.C., Canada with close proximity to the airport. Our modern clean facility consists of 3000 square feet of production space and has over 20 highly trained and certified technicians working within our office. UniNature believes in creating long term relationships with customers as we understand good business practice by embracing a partnership with you. We always have an open line of communication:

1Local Phone: 604-270-8911
2Toll Free: 1-877-270-8910
3Email: info@uninaturedental.com
4Fax: 604-270-8871

We believe in making solid working relationships and having the confidence of a guaranteed product is of utmost importance. By working together and understanding the challenges that face the dental industry we have many solutions to meet the demands of every customer.

At UniNature Dental Enterprise giving you our best is the least we can do; we recognize that our success is based on the success of you and we look forward to working together to achieve successful outcomes.

Call 1-877-270-8910 or local 604-270-8911, It’s worth a talk!


UniNature’s mission is to provide high quality service, value and effective dental prosthetic choices to the entire dental community!

Partnership in the Dental Industry Leads to Success


In dentistry today we need to change the way we make decisions, we must choose to do things differently and make choices outside the norm. With digital, CAD/CAM and huge advancements in dentistry we now need to look closer at who we need to partner with to continue our success. Partnerships help us achieve successful outcomes and can be accomplished through varying results. UniNature extends support to the dental industry by partnering to help accomplish the requests and needs of customers allowing us to provide customer specific solutions.

Green Initiatives

At UniNature we believe giving back to our precious earth is a practice we all should participate in. From the simply tasks of shutting off power bars before you leave for the evening, recycling shipping and packaging materials to using couriers that use “Go-Green” shipping options help soften our footprint.

Communication is key and we are always open to more suggestions and ideas on keeping our planet “GREEN” for future generations!


Good teeth contribute to social and psychological well-being. There is a clear divide between the dentistry of aesthetics and medically necessary dentistry and most dentists provide both. The Canadian Dental Association’s definition of oral health encompasses “physical, mental and social well-being and enjoyment of life’s possibilities by allowing the individual to speak, eat and socialize unhinged by pain discomfort or embarrassment”. As with a lot of things, the choice of dental services comes down to money – your money and your patient’s money. UniNature understands these challenges and we believe in finding ways to help people that are less fortunate than us, which is why we developed the Community Service Initiative (CSI) Program.


Dental laboratories come in all shapes and sizes. How can a dentist be absolutely certain the lab uses materials they request? That is why a trusted dental laboratory is one of a dentist’s most valuable resources. A dentist must do his/her best in selecting a trusted dental laboratory due to liability. Today so many products seem to be the same and many are substituted, it is important that you receive a product that is being requested and is of the quality you need and trust. UniNature believes partnering in the dental industry leads to successful outcomes. You are comfortable with the laboratory you are dealing with and trust the work they are providing. Unfortunately they may not be able to accept an increased workload or they are unable to provide restorative options. Using UniNature as a Certified Supportive/Resource Centre would free up time and manpower to help achieve successful outcomes. UniNature supports you with the opportunity to provide unlimited applications and we only use materials with Medical Devices Licenses, giving you the confidence in knowing your requests are followed.


UniNature has unique offerings to denturists from value priced partial dentures to complicated implant bars. Patients trust you and your suggestions and you can trust UniNature by providing a high quality product at very competitive pricing. UniNature Dental Enterprise is your Certified Support/Resource laboratory. By working together we will meet the demands of every patient by giving you the solutions you require and need.

Dental Laboratories

UniNature helps satisfy a unique need for laboratories by giving them access to the best proven restorative technologies at different price points. UniNature helps you with your high volume cases, ensuring reliability and cost efficiency. Think of UniNature as an extension to your laboratory. You have instant access to a wide range of products and services and you are always in control of the process. You become a full service technological dental laboratory without adding any costs, start up fees, training or commitments to manufacturers. UniNature will help you with any requests your customers are asking for, giving you successful outcomes.

It is simple, easy and profitable, almost too good to be true.


With the power of the internet and people educating themselves, patients are asking more questions and demanding better results. It is important for you to be aware of the many options that are available so your dentist along with their laboratory can meet your needs and requests.

First and foremost your dentist cares about you to make sure you have the best product and service option when it comes to creating your smile. It is important to know that your dentist has a trusted laboratory that he/she deals with and that laboratory uses licensed medical devices to meet any request you may have, from high end implant work to simple everyday value options.

UniNature follows the Quality Management System to ensure the quality you require and trust. We are able to trace input materials all the way to the finished product; this level of traceability ensures all UniNature’s products are safe and effective.

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